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Forcepoint V20000 Appliances
High Performance, Security-Hardened Appliances for Advanced Web, Email and Data Security

Forcepoint V20000 Appliance

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Forcepoint appliances are based on pre-configured, security-hardened platforms, designed to support flexible deployment of our best-in-class web, email, data, and endpoint security solutions—delivered on a single platform using virtualization technology.

Forcepoint V20000 Appliance

  • Flagship model for large enterprises
  • Redundant storage, network interface, and power supply
  • Supports optical cabling (with fiber NIC add-on)
  • 1U rackmount server
  • Covered by 4-hour on-site warranty

Protection from Advanced Threats and data theft requires real-time inline security, with integrated defenses to analyze inbound and outbound Web and Email requests for malicious activity and data theft activity.

The Forcepoint architecture provides unified visibility and control of web and email security across the entire Kill Chain, even when used with endpoint and Cloud-based defenses.

Why are V-Series Appliances Revolutionary?

Forcepoint V Series appliances are based on a pre-configured, security-hardened platform designed to support flexible deployment of our best-in-class Web, Email, Data and Endpoint security solutions. Using virtualization technology, they deliver high-performance, multiple security services on a single platform. They provide complete visibility into inbound and outbound requests, including the growing use of SSL communications. The Forcepoint V-Series appliances utilize the Forcepoint proprietary ACE technology that enables realtime composite defense assessments in high traffic environments.

Real-Time Contextual Defenses

  • Real-time inline security from Forcepoint ACE, which unites eight defense assessment areas into a composite scoring model with predictive analysis.
  • Fully integrated enterprise DLP helps customers quickly achieve and demonstrate compliance and data security measures.
  • Data theft defenses detect slow-drip data leaks, password file data theft, custom encrypted files and text within images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Integrated behavioral file sandboxing supports additional measures to identify Zero-day and other Advanced Threats.
  • Hybrid deployment option can use cloud email pre-filtering to reduce bandwidth abuse and optimize performance, plus email URL sandboxing for real-time phishing protection. Hybrid web security deployments can equally protect remote users with ACE defenses.
  • Unified Forcepoint architecture with threat intelligence, console, policies and reporting to help enable a lower TCO.

The Forcepoint difference: ACE (Advanced Classification Engine)

Forcepoint ACE provides real-time, inline contextual defenses for Web, Email, Data and Mobile security by using composite risk scoring and predictive analytics to deliver the most effective security available. It also provides containment by analyzing inbound and outbound traffic with data-aware defenses for industry-leading data theft protection. Classifiers for real-time security, data and content analysis — the result of years of research and development — enable ACE to detect more threats than traditional anti-virus engines every day (the proof is updated daily at ACE is the primary defense behind all Forcepoint TRITON solutions and is supported by the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud.

The Forcepoint difference: ACE (Advanced Classification Engine)

Features and Benefits:

V-Series Benefits:

  • Scalability – Forcepoint appliances grow with your business and eliminate costly overprovisioning, enabling customers to pay for what they need, when they need it.
  • Performance –
    • OPT 1: Purpose-built throughput ensures data delivery is protected in real-time, allowing for immediate action and policy management.
  • Efficiency – Enable a lower Total Cost of Ownership with remote access control, policies, and reporting management, and a unified console.
  • Security – Utilizes the proprietary Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) technology to improve your threat defenses by identifying and classifying information crossing your network, delivering real-time security ratings to protect against emerging threats.

Reduce Risk of Advanced Malware and Data Theft

  • Upgrade secure web gateways with scalable real-time contextual defenses that surpass traditional AV and URLfiltering defenses and avoid the trade-off of performance over security.
  • Identify threats in email from the most benign scam to APTs and other Advanced Threats, as well as providing controls for spam and other unwanted email traffic.
  • Contain infected systems, b lock command and control communications, and mitigate data theft associated with drip (behavioural) DLP, custom encrypted files, password file theft, analysis of confidential text images with optical character recognition (OCR) and geolocation destination awareness.
  • Drill down into reporting forensics by severity, geolocation, group or users with detailed analysis of threat characteristics, command, actions, and evidence of data theft.

Proven Forcepoint Architecture, Leadership and Trust

  • Proven Forcepoint architecture that unifies Web, Email, Data and Endpoint security with appliance, cloud, software and hybrid deployments.


Forcepoint V20000 Hardware Specifications
Processor 2 x Intel Xeon E5-6132
Memory 64GB
HDD 4 x 1.2 TB, RAID-10, Hot Swappable)
NIC 6 x 10/100/1000 Mb RJ-45 Ethernet Ports
Power Supply 2 x 750W Hot Swappable
MISC iDRAC 9 Enterprise card for light’s out mgmt.
Dimensions 1U form factor,
23.9” D x 17.09” W x 1.68” H (60.7cm D x 43.42cm W x 4.28cm H)
Weight 28.26 lbs (12.82 kg)
Hardware Support Globally available 24/7 by phone; Keep your hard drive; 4-hour Onsite warranty for 36 months; 60 months on-site optional.
Regulatory & Compliance FCC / ICES / EN55022 / VCCIBSMI / C-Tick / SABS / CCC / MIC Class A and UL60950-1 /Verified to comply with RoHS Directive / Energy consumption and noise emissions in accordance with ISO 9296

Ships with latest Forcepoint software and backwards compatible with 7.8.1 and above Forcepoint versions

Appliance Comparison:

Forecpoint Security Offering V5000 Appliance V10000 Appliance V20000 Appliance
Web Security ONLY
Email Security ONLY
URL Filtering ONLY


Download the Forcepoint V-Series Appliance Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Forcepoint Products
Forcepoint V-Series Appliances
Forcepoint V20000 G1 Appliance
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Forcepoint V20000 G1 Appliance Fiber Kit
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Forcepoint V-Series Warranty and Support Upgrades
Forcepoint V20000 Appliance Warranty 4 Hour Onsite (60 months)
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Forcepoint V20000 Appliance Extended Hardware Warranty (12 months)
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