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Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System
Secure Multi-Directional File Transfer for Segmented Networks

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System

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Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System
Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System
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  • Reliably transfer unstructured files
    Transfer .PDF and Microsoft Office files between and within different classification levels for international, federal, state, and local entities.
  • Comply with Raise the Bar initiatives
    Achieve breach-resilient, mission-safe architectural design that meets the U.S. Government’s Raise the Bar requirements.
  • Configure transfers based on policies & requirements
    Supports any-to-any classification level transfer and multiple file transfer requests, such as Two-Person Human Review, Self-Release, and Directory Transfer Service Option (DTSO).

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System enables safe and simultaneous multi-directional file movement between physically separated networks of varying security and classification levels. Trusted Gateway System specializes in the transfer of unstructured files, such as Microsoft Office and PDF files, facilitating critical information-sharing to the right people at the right time.

The Need for Secure and Reliable File Transfer

Many global events, from terrorist attacks to cybersecurity breaches, have determined that secure file sharing between international, federal, state, and local entities is required and, in some cases, a legislated need. But doing so between varying classification levels can be inefficient, ineffective, and more importantly, insecure, with unacceptable levels of risk.

Depending on mission requirements, files stored on a proprietary or sensitive network must be transferred to a shared or less sensitive, less controlled network for use by another agency or organization. This sensitive data may be a single document or an entire directory containing imagery, maps, multiple documents, and databases that must be moved quickly and securely to prevent viruses, network intrusions, and data leakage.

Why Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System?

Forcepoint’s secure information-sharing solutions have a proven track record of proactively preventing government agencies from being compromised, while fostering the secure and efficient access to and transfer of information. Trusted Gateway System solves the difficult problem of satisfying security needs while facilitating unstructured file sharing. It is designed to meet most, if not all, cross domain security best practices.

Configure Secure File Transfers Based on Polices and Requirements

Trusted Gateway System can be configured for different scenarios based on customer requirements and individual site security policy. Regardless of the workflows or combinations instituted, file movement can occur to and from an unlimited number of approved networks. Any-toany classification level transfer and multiple file transfer requests are supported:

  • Two-Person Human Review/Reliable Human Review (RHR)
    • The Producer role is responsible for assembling and submitting transfers (or jobs).
    • The Releaser role is responsible for review and approval (release) of the transfer.
  • Template-based Submit
    • A web-based interface presents users with a predefined template of the file destination and releaser information.
    • User drags and drops files into the application to perform all configured validations.
  • Self-Release
    • Approved users can create a job and send it to approved destinations in one step without requiring the two-person human review process.
    • Users must be granted the Self-Release role. Additional permission granularity is available.
  • Bulk Upload
    • Users have the ability to transfer large quantities of files from low- to higher-level networks, machineto-machine.
    • Direct file transfers are supported using Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) from a configured network to the appropriate destination. Only configured hosts can access the input directory through SCP. All other connection attempts are denied.
    • Users can copy/paste text or drag and drop files into the tool.
    • An optional service can be included on a Microsoft Windows system (2000 or later) allowing users to maintain local input directories. This service monitors the local folder and automatically copies the file for processing. A right-click shortcut allows users to send files to defined destinations, which can be secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) servers or email addresses at permitted classification levels.
  • Directory Transfer Service Option (DTSO)
    • A secure mechanism is provided to transfer directories from a low to a high network.
    • DTSO runs on Linux and Microsoft Windows servers.
    • This service is able to watch one or more top level, or “root,” directories and transfers files placed in those directories to a high side server.

Robust File Transfer Security Controls Provide Assurance

Regardless of how the transfer request is initiated, Trusted Gateway System manages the process to ensure approved file movement between secure networks and across sensitivity levels following site security policies. Trusted Gateway System provides numerous verification, inspection, sanitization, and transformation filters to safeguard file transfers. For most organizations, virus scanning will be required. Additional filtering and manual file review can be configured to meet specific requirements. Security controls include:

Filter File Types Supported Filtering Capabilities
*Glasswall Microsoft Office, PDF Sanitizes Office and PDF documents. For each document type, the filter creates a new document utilizing the known good content from the input document. The filter is able to extract and import images from documents allowing embedded images to themselves be filtered (e.g. transformed). The filter also provides the export of a textual version of the document facilitating a dirty word search.
*PuriFile Microsoft Office, PDF Provides document inspection and sanitization and eases the document workflow process for Office and PDF documents.
*Aware bmp, png, jpg, j2k, tiff Supports the conversion of images from one format to another and supports the stripping (reset to zero) of the least significant bit of pixel-based images. Allows support of jpeg2000 (j2k).
ImageMagick bmp, png, jpg, gif, tiff Supports the conversion of images from one format to another and the stripping (reset to zero) of the least significant bit of pixel-based images.
*McAfee All Scans all file formats for the presence of virus signatures matching those in a stored virus definition list provided by McAfee.
*Sophos All Scans all file formats for the presence of virus signatures matching those in a stored virus definition list provided by Sophos.
XML2 XML XML schema validation using a set of stored schema definition (XSD) files on the guard.
Xerces XML XML schema validation using a set of stored schema definition (XSD) files on the guard.
Archive zip, tar, iso, gzip, cpio, bzip2 Supports the extraction of artifacts within archives.
PDF Transform PDF Cleanses PDF files through a format conversion process.
Dirty Word Search All Text search filter used for locating dirty words within any type of file. The filter supports simple text searching as well as regular expressions.
XSLT XML XML Stylesheet Language Transformation of XML files. Can perform validation and/or transformation of XML content based on an XML formatted stylesheet (prepared off-box). This filter enables support of Schematron-generated XSL stylesheets.
File Extension All Allows or blocks files based on the extension found in the file name.
File Size All Allows or blocks files based on file size.

*Additional cost

Administration, Monitoring, and Auditing

Trusted Gateway System administration and management is robust, easy to use, and is performed from the server by system and security administrators with the appropriate permissions.

Assessment and Authorization

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System is engineered to comply with cross domain security requirements for processes and policies utilized by the U.S. Government in the fielding of cross domain solutions, including:

  • In Process: Secret and Below Interoperability (SABI)
  • Top Secret/SCI and Below Interoperability (TSABI)
  • IC Directive (ICD) 503
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800 series Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • RMF for DoD Information Technology (IT)
  • Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3
  • DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)
  • Risk Decision Authority Criteria (RDAC)

Tested, Approved, and Validated to Secure Your Mission

For over 20 years, Forcepoint has been the global leader of cross domain and information-sharing security solutions, as evidenced by supporting the largest number of cross domain users in the world—currently over 300,000 users—and having the most approved solutions on the UCDSMO Baseline list.

Use Cases:

Eliminate “sneakernet” manual processes

Eliminate “sneakernet” manual processes

Streamline file transfer processes and eliminate air gap risks inherent to portable media.

R.A.I.N compliant

R.A.I.N compliant

R.A.I.N. principles ensure that all content submitted to the TGS system will be thoroughly inspected and sanitized.

Robust administration management

Robust administration management

System and security administrators with the appropriate permissions perform administration, monitoring, and auditing from the server.

Expand your functionality to print and mail

Expand your functionality to print and mail

Further reduce operational infrastructure cost by adding Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery and Trusted Mail System.

Approved & validated to secure your mission

Approved & validated to secure your mission

Forcepoint is widely deployed and listed on the NCDSMO baseline list, and supports transfer environments with 38+ networks.


Share mission-critical information with the right people at the right time

U.S. Government “Raise the Bar” compliant
Combat rising threats with improved data filtering and inspection alongside resilient architectural design.

Supports multiple file types and file sanitization
Employs a vast number of file types and multiple file sanitization solutions, such as Glasswall, Purifile, Aware, Sophos, and more.

Ease of administration
Robust archive and audit management capabilities with centralized event logging.

Automated bulk uploading
Automated bulk uploads via Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)/Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), low side network to high side network.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit operating system
Operates on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit operating system with Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) components, providing stringent security controls.

Easy-to-use tool for administration and management
Set and view policy rules, configurations, and administrative status with a built-in visualization tool in the UI.

Flexible network configurations
Accommodate different environmental requirements with flexible network configurations.

Multi-channel, multi-directional, or uni-directional
Support for multi-channel, multi-directional file transfers with one system, and support for uni-directional transfer to meet policy requirements of FVEY partners.


  • Eliminate sensitive file sharing inefficiencies (“sneakernet”) during mission-critical activities.
  • Quickly and securely move unstructured files between and within classification levels.
  • Inspect and sanitize files with a R.A.I.N (Redundant filters that are Always Invoked) compliant solution.
  • Configure file transfer workflows based on site-specific requirements and policies.
  • Comply with the U.S. Government’s Raise-the-Bar initiatives.
  • Add functionality with Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery and Trusted Mail System.


Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System


Download the Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System Datasheet (.PDF)

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Forcepoint Products
Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System
Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System
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